Project Management and Training

M-PASS Environmental clients depend on the internal resources, industry knowledge, and years of experience of our project managers to analyze, design and implement their waste management and recycling programs. M-PASS Environmental can provide analysis and documentation of existing programs. We make adjustments to simplify and reduce costs. We also provide alternate equipment recommendations.

M-PASS Environmental Provides Solutions

M-PASS Environmental will provide turn-key project management oversight and work with businesses to streamline all aspects of waste management. Our team works closely with each client to discover all aspects of a company’s waste stream processes. We work on projects such as ineffective building infrastructure, failing trash chutes, poor trash room design, and inefficiencies associated with waste storage and handling. M-PASS Environmental will creatively search out alternate methods by which to reduce costs associated with waste disposal, handling and removal. We provide logistical and architectural solutions to improve your disposal process.

Training Center

As more cities, institutions, and businesses develop sustainability and Zero Waste policies, each company’s staff needs training on how to properly manage their resources and programs. This enables the business to become more efficient, see savings on their bottom line, improve community relations and decrease their financial and environmental risks by simply knowing how to properly recycle and manage their waste at that particular location. M-PASS Environmental provides training, guidance and signage for our customers to ensure a long lasting, sustaining waste stream program. Click HERE if you are a current customer looking to download signage and waste stream guides.

MPASS - Project Managment and Training

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