M-PASS Environmental Announces Single & Dual Stream Glass Recycling Program

M-PASS Environmental Now Accepting Glass in 95 Gallon Cart Recycling Program

by | Feb 15, 2017

M-PASS Environmental Now Accepting Glass in Single Stream & Dual Stream Recycling Programs from Atlanta Restaurants February 2017

Glass recycling has essentially become non-existent in Atlanta.  Hauling companies and cart service collection companies began eliminating glass from their acceptable materials lists in late 2015 and 2016.  The reason for this change is because recycling processing facilities stopped accepting glass.  There are complications in processing glass as a component of a mixed stream.

Here’s a bit of good news:  M-PASS is now offering a single stream or dual stream recycling program that includes glass.  Glass is accepted in this program because it is manually separated and sorted on the back-end and does not go to a recycling processing MRF; it goes directly to a glass recycling company instead.

The new recycling program is only for 95-gallon container service.  It does not include front load or rear load dumpster service.   Restaurants and organizations located inside the perimeter or close to the perimeter can be included in this program.  A minimum of (2) 95 gallon containers is required.  Containers and signage will be provided.  Participants are expected to keep contamination at a minimum.  Training materials are also available.

Thank you for recycling!!
M-PASS Environmental

Helpful Hints for Glass Recycling:
9 cases of wine, liquor, or champagne = 1 x 95 Gallon Recycling Container.
12 cases of beer = 1 x 95 Gallon Recycling Container.

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