Georgia State University & M-PASS Environmental Work Together

by | Oct 4, 2016

Georgia State University & M-PASS Environmental Work Together to Solve Access and Space Issues to Make Room for Trash and Recycling Program:

gsu_container-250x173-wmWhen M-PASS met with the sustainability and dining services departments in the Spring of 2016,
one thing was crystal clear – GSU cares about recycling.   Although the original intent of the meeting was scheduled to discuss organic recycling, a side topic soon emerged.  The new Piedmont Central dining and housing building was under construction and GSU had plans to launch a new recycling program.  However, GSU had been unable to find the guidance and industry expertise needed to put things in motion from industry vendors.  Some companies had not even returned phone calls.

In Atlanta, space and access restrictions can pose big challenges for new construction projects. The Piedmont Central developers originally designed enough space for one compactor.  For GSU, a recycling compactor program was top priority.  They just needed guidance.  So, the M-PASS team got busy.  Within one week, a proposal for a recycling compactor was submitted and then ordered.  In addition, the M-PASS team met with the building architects, reviewed blue prints, and developed a trash plan for dining services that included the use of a small specialized vertical compactor designed for rear load service.  The trash compactor would be installed next to the recycling compactor in the same space originally designed for one.   In a matter of a few weeks, both compactors were installed and the new trash and recycling programs were up and running and ready for fall semester.

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