Innovative Digital Platform Transforms Waste and Recycling Industry

by | Mar 17, 2021


 Atlanta, GA: Lorraine White, Founder and President of M-PASS Environmental and Alan Paluska, President of General Platform Solutions, announced this week they are combining their talent and experience to offer a new service to the waste and recycling industry.

 White brings years of expertise in waste and recycling and Paluska adds over 20 years’ experience writing software for a logistics management platform that has been widely used by transportation companies for years. “Alan is the real visionary behind this,” White said. “He realized the impact his technology could have on the industry.

Paluska added, “We’re primarily a technology company but I realized we could automate the waste and recycling industry in a way that would benefit everyone.”

The most unique part of this program is the creation of a customer portal, which allows clients access to live information on their accounts. They will be able to see real-time conversion results and all waste-based data on the system. 

White said they are excited about the idea that they will be able to increase service response and make available real-time info to customers with just a couple of clicks. “For example, White said, “the corporate office of a national company with multiple manufacturing plants around the country can use their portal to access account information from all locations. And it can be customized to fit specific needs.”

In an industry that is not known for innovation, these two entrepreneurs have teamed up to bring more ease, visibility and transparency to this work. Paluska said, “There haven’t been a lot of sets of eyes on the waste industry. What we’re proposing will save companies money and give them the ability to make better strategic decision for their businesses.”

This new program will be the key to reducing the large percentage of invoicing errors often found in the waste industry. “This system will automatically compare costs against invoicing,” Paluska said, “and allow companies to see details of the location and number of specific pieces of equipment.”  

In addition, the data will provide everything needed if a company intends to pursue LEED certification, which will lessen their environmental footprint by reducing the amount of resources the building uses.

“This is a game-changer,” White said. “It will allow us to be even more effective at what we do, and will make it easier for our customers to track their progress and success.”

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